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“I am a nursery owner running a small nursery in Warwickshire and cannot afford for parents to build up big debts and not pay their fees on time or at all especially when they leave. Especially when they tell us about their holidays they have been on and then not pay anything to reduce the fees of looking after their child/ren. We don’t work for free and all the money helps to keep the nursery running.
I joined BFL Solutions with not too high expectations that they could help me get any of the money owed from parents from years ago or recent ones who left owing money but they have worked so diligently on my behalf and even managed to get some regular monthly payments from parents who I thought I wouldn’t see anything from. We had a very difficult client as I’m sure you have met and had, and Julie in accounts was so helpful and very supportive when, eventually the client paid in full. She took all the contact away so I didn’t have to speak or contact the client at all. They take all the stress and worry about everything away so they really do work for you on your behalf.
If anyone is wondering if its worth the money to pay for BFL Solutions services then please let me assure you they are worth every single penny. Thank you Julie and BFL Solutions for everything so far” - Very Kindest Regards Gaynor Powell ​

"I was left in a very difficult situation after my tenants hadn’t paid rent for many months and were evicted from my property. The cost of the unpaid rent and solicitors has run into thousands of pounds, and over the years any promises of monies being paid didn’t happen. I saw a debt collecting programme on the BBC and I instructed them to try and get the money back. They pursued this for many months with no luck. I thought that the money was lost forever. I then came across BFL solutions, I spoke with the owner of the company and he reassured me that the money wasn’t lost, and it will be collected, as it’s what is owed. I thought I’ll give it one last go after 3 years of trying to get it back.
Within a couple of months of instructing BFL solutions they managed to get in touch with the guarantor, something that hadn’t happened before. The majority of the money had been collected, I was in shock. The rest of the money was paid over a year, through a payment plan. I can’t thank this company enough for resolving this and finally bringing this to a close for me. They managed to get the payment cleared when I thought there was no hope. All communication was prompt and very professional throughout. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone" - Sonia Bhatti, Private Landlord

"A massive thank you for all your help in recovering monies that we assumed to be lost to us by parents/carers that had upped and left our setting still owing us. We have personally recommended your company to other settings in similar situations and will continue to do so. Keep up the fantastic work. Regards and thanks". - Linda Whitehead - ABC Day Nursery - West Midlands

"I joined BFL and passed one account in excess of £2,000.00 which had been outstanding for over 7 months. We had chased the customer for recovery of the monies but to no avail. Once BFL were involved the outstanding monies were settled within 2 weeks. The staff at BFL were very professional and informative. I would recommend their service to any business who are struggling to get invoices paid. " -Allan Walker - Complete Weed Control - Sutton Coldfield

"We were recommended by another Credit Union and all I can say is that BFL work hard and get results - it is a pleasure to deal with them". Jackie White - Clockwise Credit Union – Leicester

"I was at my wits end with a customer who had owed me £11,000.00 for over 8 months, I passed this account to BFL and within 3 weeks I received £2000.00 and now an arrangement to pay the sum outstanding over the next 3 months. A great job BFL as I thought I had no chance of recovering this money". D Pugh - Plumbing and Heating Engineers – Walsall

"I would like to thank you BFL for your exceptional service enforcing our supplier in the UK to meet his obligation and ship machinery to us.Being thousands of miles away I was uncertain whether we would ever be able to recover the payment we made for the machinery we purchased from this supplier and it was your persistence and efforts that paid off. I would have no hesitation in recommending BFL to anyone requiring help" - Sam Majrouh - Remastone, Perth Western Australia

We had used previous debt collection agencies but never seemed to get anywhere. Using BFL has been great we have managed to collect a vast proportion of our outstanding debts from small amounts to large. The monthly statements are handy to allocate the debts collected and when I ask we get a general breakdown of where we are with all our debtors.Regards Helen Smith,Business Manager,Jigsaws Childcare Ltd

A nursery school owner who claims her business is crippled by £10,000 debts has hit out at parents who brag about their fancy holidays, new cars and expensive nights out but claim they are too poor to pay for their children's fees. Furious Jessica Webber, 44, condemned those who plead poverty to avoid paying fees for her business - Toddle In nursery in Colne, Lancashire – despite boasting online about splashing the cash elsewhere.

She said she 'spends sleepless nights wondering how to cover staff wages or pay the bills' and is 'fairly livid' after seeing parents who owe her money bragging about their lavish lifestyle on Facebook. She criticised parents who posted online about treating themselves to new outfits, hair extensions, manicures and holidays at the same time as they rack up huge nursery bills. Ms Webber took to Facebook: 'If you see this as unprofessional, then so be it, but I'm fairly livid after going through today's outstanding debts at nursery!' Therefore, until you have paid up and or if you are unable to afford the fees, in order for us to pay the wages for the people to look after your children and pay for the food to feed your children and the toys for them to play with, maybe consider prioritising. Information taken from the Daily Mail on 12 September 2016

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