BFL Solutions Ltd are a leading cash flow services provider and assist clients with late paying customers with invoices up to 6 years of age. BFL collects within the non-regulated sector where contracts to pay have been broken and unauthorised credit terms exceeded  BFL Solutions Ltd provides a solution to every cash flow issue, in cases of personal debt where your customer simply refuses to prioritise your debt – BFL Solutions Ltd can help.

 In cases where unauthorised credit facilities have been taken by your debtor- action must be taken to avoid a bad debt write off. However sensitive your cash flow issue may be, BFL Solutions Ltd can help – before it is too late. In the commercial field we will work hard to provide a solution to the cash flow issues of business and always work with your non-payers to negotiate payment plans or full payment.

The BFL service aims to accelerate the payment of slow paying accounts and conditions customers to pay on time. By utilising Late Payment Legislation, BFL ensure that clients are compensated for slow payments (see - www.payontime.co.uk) by claiming on your behalf, compensation and interest as outlined in this Legislation.


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Where you have money owed to your business - we can help no matter what type of business you are.

BFL Solutions assists -

·         Nurseries, Schools and Childminders

·         Credit Unions

·         Letting Agents and Landlords

·         Dentists and Vets

·         Accountants

·         Wholesalers

·         Contract Cleaning Companies

·       Temping Agencies


I am a nursery owner running a small nursery in Warwickshire and cannot afford for parents to build up big debts and not pay their fees on time or at all especially when they leave. Especially when they tell us about their holidays they have been on and then not pay anything to reduce the fees of looking after their child/ren. We don’t work for free and all the money helps to keep the nursery running.

I joined BFL Solutions with not too high expectations that they could help me get any of the money owed from parents from years ago or recent ones who left owing money but they have worked so diligently on my behalf and even managed to get some regular monthly payments from parents who I thought I wouldn’t see anything from. We had a very difficult client as I’m sure you have met and had, and Julie in accounts was so helpful and very supportive when, eventually the client paid in full. She took all the contact away so I didn’t have to speak or contact the client at all. They take all the stress and worry about everything away so they really do work for you on your behalf.

If anyone is wondering if its worth the money to pay for BFL Solutions services then please let me assure you they are worth every single penny.

Thank you Julie and BFL Solutions for everything so far.
Very Kindest Regards Gaynor Powell ​